Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer most queries here, but please feel free to contact us if you require further assistance.



Q: Who are Diamondplus Cleaning Services?

A: We are a remarkable company owned, represented and managed by four enterprising personnel that have over the last 15 years amassed a wealth of experience in quality cleaning services. Please take a look at our About Us page for more detail.

Q: Where are Diamondplus Cleaning Service based?

A: We are based a mile away from the London 2012 Olympic village.

Q: What is your environmental policy?

A: It's simple: Reduce, Recycle and Re-use.
Apart from man power, cleaning relies on chemical, mechanical and biological a process which alters the local environment. We are always looking at ways of improving our processes and are committed to reducing waste, increasing the use of recycling facilities, and eliminating the use of products that may harm the environment wherever possible.

Q: Can I have a quotation over the phone?

A: Although we love to quote over the phone, we believe we will provide a more accurate quotation upon visiting the site. There is absolutely no cost or obligation for a site visit, and no high pressure selling involved.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of staff you can provide?

A: No, we can supply as many cleaning experts as you so desire.

Q: Our office is not very busy and does not need much work. Can you do this?

A: Yes we can cover all size of properties.

Q: Can we recommend Diamondplus Cleaning Service to other companies who are in need of quality service?

A: Please do so without any hesitation.

Q: Are your staff insured?

A: Yes, we are fully comprehensively insured and will provide these documents upon request.

Q: Our regular cleaner has not turned up. Can you send someone round ASAP?

A: We always have experienced backup cleaners available for emergency call outs. So you can be rest assured our surplus is enough for your supplies.

Q: How do you recruit your staff?

A: We regard and treat our entire staff as members of family. This in turn ensures all our staffs work with us for many years. New staff comes through the recommendation of trusted employees, we know every one of them individually.
If we cannot trust a cleaner with our house keys - we will not give them the keys to your property.

Q: How do you monitor your staff cleaning?

A: We do not announce our regular and frequent supervisory visits beforehand to our staff. We operate a round-the-clock monitoring system which alerts us instantly to potential problems.

Q: We are unhappy with our current cleaning company, but are happy with the cleaners and would like you to take over.

A: Although we would love to take over the existing cleaning staff and train them based on our standards, it is important that you check the contract you have with your current cleaning contractor to ensure that there are no penalties for early termination or excessive notice periods involved. Staffs are not obliged to transfer to us if they do not wish, some cleaning contractors let their best staff move to other sites instead of losing good cleaning staff.

Q: Someone has turned up in my office claiming to be the new cleaner.

A: This will not happen. We never send new staff to client sites unaccompanied. They are always accompanied by at least one supervisor during the initial training period, we always try to notify you of staffing changes beforehand if possible.
All of our staff and supervisors wear ID badges bearing their photograph and our office contact details. If you are in any doubt - please contact us.

Q: Do you supply the cleaning products and equipment?

A: The cleaning products and equipment are included in the price. Items such as toilet rolls, bin bags and soaps are priced separately so that customers can shop for the best deals.

Q: Can we supply our own cleaning products and equipment?

A: It is important that you discuss it with us first so that we can risk assess it before our cleaners use them. This is in accordance with EU Health and Safety legislation