After Builder Cleaning

after builder cleaning services

Diamondplus Cleaning Service has a team who specialise only with after builders cleaning. All our after builders cleaning team have received COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) training in the use and handling of the cleaning chemicals and fluids which may need to be used. We aim to deep clean, dust, deodorise and buff to ensure that your living and working space is returned to a habitable state in a few short hours.

Our assigned manager would ensure all our builders cleaning services are tailored to meet your specific cleaning requirements. All jobs are fully audited because we take our responsibility very seriously.

Our services include :

after builders cleaning
Deep cleaning of all skirting boards
afterbuilders deep clean service
Deep cleaning of all doors and door frames
cleaning services
Deep cleaning of all windows frames, window sills
builder cleaning service
Cleaning all light switches and sockets.
contract builder cleaning
Cleaning all cupboards inside/outside and tops.
cummercial afterbuilder cleaning
Scrub and disinfect bathroom floors.
builder cleaning
Cleaning all radiators.
contract cleaning service
Wipe all counters